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Sox Em Biankus
Reference sire only
1995 Bay Roan Stallion
15.1 1200lbs.

    Sox Em is a very pretty bay roan stallion. He has produced some nice babies, with good minds and plenty of talent. Sox Em’s offspring have had success in futurities, derbies and open competitions and include Cobys Easy Sox, Biankus Jewels and Whoops Biankus. Sox Em has excellent bloodlines and the best disposition you could ask for. He sires natural athletes with wonderful dispositions, and superior conformation.

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Sox Em's offspring:

Blazing Saddles Ranch would like to congratulate Sarah Jones and Cobys Easy Sox
VGBRA 2008 maturity champion
WBRA 2008 maturity reserve champion


Cotton Easy Sox
bay roan mare
Owned by Cindy Davis

BSR Smokin Biankus
2009 red dun colt
Owned by Jackie Ryan
2010 chestnut colt
Owned by Lark Schwartz


CS Award Em Biankus
2003 bay gelding
Owned by Wynette Dale
Rockin Biankus
2008 colt
Owned by Della Wright
Sweet Sox Em
2004 bay roan mare
Owned by Ashley Alsup
I Believe I Will Fly
2008 colt
Owned by Tabby Handly




Biankus Jewels  
2001 roan mare
Owned by Julia Janikowski-Lord
Sox Hop Biankus
2004 chestnut mare

Latch Bar Biankus
2002 Bay Roan gelding
Owned by Gay Ely


Whoops Biankus
1998 roan gelding
Owned by Kelli Currin

Lil Bit Biankus
2004 bay roan filly
Owned by Samantha Berkley
Cobys Easy Sox
2001 sorrel gelding
Owned by Cindy Davis
Moon Rocket Biankus
2006 dun roan colt
Owned Two Crosses Ranch


BSR Smoke Em Biankus
2007 dun roan Colt
2004 roan mare
Owned by Pat and Leslie Suter
BSR Fired Up Biankus  
2006 dun roan filly
Owned by Jacquie Preston (See mares page for more pictures)


        If you would like to see your Sox Em foals here, contact Jacquie at


Sox Em Biankus 3399512 1995 red roan stallion
SIRE side of pedigree Night Latch 1962
0230010 sorrel
Bar the Door 1955
0069231 sorrel
Latchet 1971
0839001 red roan
Time Beat 1955
0079402 sorrel
Lightning Lucy 1961
0158488 roan
Bold Lightning 1955
0090887 bay
Latchets Vandi Sox 1982
1977103 red roan

Sweet Lucy 1945
0014136 dun
Pokey Pat 1955
0138098 bay
Vandy 1943
0043628 sorrel
Vandy Needle 1962
0217380 sorrel

Nancy Baby 1947
0015899 brown
Our Needle 1956
0072547 sorrel

Flagon 1950
0033509 sorrel
Darning Needle 1948
0018254 roan


DAM side of pedigree Leo Bar 1953
0050248 sorrel

Three Bars (TB) 1940
T0065983 chestnut
Mr Bar Barred 1961
0156979 palomino
Flit 1945
0009697 bay
May Bar 1954
0046170 black
Barred 1946
0011990 chestnut
Betsi Bar Biankus 1981
1763408 sorrel

Daisy May 1941
0001735 brown
Biankus 1962
0250210 roan
Skippety Flip 1956
0062201 chestnut
Kee Kee Biankus 1969
0625845 chestnut
Hansen'Smisswaggoner 1950
0037535 roan
Sing High 1961
0170049 dun

O'Meara Beaver 1956
0061590 sorrel

Velvet Lassie 1956
0096600 dun